Laser Etching

Laser engraving is more in demand than ever so having EPILOG laser capabilities, anything is possible for us.  Why laser verses sandblasting?  A No. CO2 laser only engraves where the beam is directed, so there is no masking required.  This generally offers a quicker, more convenient and less expensive alternative to sandblasting.  Etching won’t produce the depth that you’ll see with sandblasting; however, very elaborate & intricate designs can quickly be produced.  Material choices are very extensive and can be optimized to produce stunning results on a wide range of products, including, glass (even delicate champagne flutes), multiple wood types, leather, marble, acrylic, metals and much more.   A graphic designed image & material type is all that is needed.


IMG 2425

On our previous bottles, we laser etched our logo design directly to glass.  In 2016, we decided to try PSA wood veneer and these 3M backed adhesive labels worked great for our bottles.


We also got creative and lasered these GSP bottle holder figures for the all important club and rescue support raffles held at the Nationals.

See the Epilog laser in action here on our Facebook link!  Future engraving services for the olive & wine industry or one-of-a-kind projects may be offered depending on the interest, time and calculated expense. Please contact us directly if you are interested.