MBISS GCHG Shortales & Coronet With or Without You – “Cisco”

MBISS GCHG Shortales & Coronet With or Without You - "Cisco"

Shown by Ethan Coye


  • German Shorthaired Pointer Male Lvr & Wh Ptched & Tkd
  • Date Whelped: 11/14/17
  • Breeder: Leita Estes / Sandra Garlinger / Anita Ward
  • Multiple Best in Breed/Sweepstakes, Best in Specialty & Group wins
  • Earned his CH title at 10 months old, GCH title at 17 months, GCHB at 2 years, GCHS at 3 years & GCHG at 3-1/2 years of age (all with limited showing)
  • 20th Breed, 21st All Breed 2019 Standings, GSPCA #19 Top25 qualifier for 2019/20
  • 9th Breed, 3rd All Breed 2020 Standing, GSPCA #8 Top25 qualifier 2020/21
  • 2021 German Shorthaired Pointer AKC National Champion (shown above)

OFA & Certificates: 


Cisco, a nephew of Pongo, is the newest member of our dog family as of January 15, 2018!  He arrived at a good time for Pongo who, having been alone for almost a year, desperately needed a buddy.  Cisco has the sweetest, most amazing disposition.  He is quick-witted and happy to work to earn a treat - although he is widely known at work as the diabolical ‘counter surfer / waste management dog’!


Cisco aka "the Cisco Kid" is also a show dog.  His first 2 show debuts were in May/June 2018 and twice won Best of Breed (even over his uncle Pongo) and a Best in Sweepstakes.  At the October 2018 Malibu Specialty, he finished (became a champion) at only 10 months of age.  In April 2019, he won his first Group in Sacramento, became a Grand Champion at 17 months, and then won a Best In Specialty at Del Valle October 2019!  Come December 2019, Cisco made his first appearance at the AKC National Championship week in Orlando FL, winning Select Dog twice along with an Award of Merit.  Then he proceeded to start 2020 off with a bang winning another Best In Specialty and a huge Sporting Dog Group 2nd out of 600 dogs in Palm Springs!  Not bad start for a dog by just the tender age of 2. 

Oh, the places you continue to go Cisco!  He and handler Ethan Coye were "off to great places" returning to Orlando in 2021, winning breed at Brevard KC and making the cut in a deep Sport Group; then Best of Breed and once again making the Sporting Group shortlist at AKC National Championship on Saturday - landing a TV appearance.  Kid, you have moved mountains!  Cisco has essentially retired from being campaigned in the show ring.  

His dog families and handlers couldn't be more proud of him, as he continues to be an exceptional show dog from their DNA jackpot litter!  He has already sired 4 very consistent litters, all with exceptional temperaments - with hopefully a plan for more in the future.  So far 8 pups have become Champions, 1 being a top GSP in Japan.  We are just so thrilled to watch them all mature and continue a wonderful heritage!

CoOwned with Sandy Garlinger and Leita Estes

Expertly handled by AKC Handlers of Camp Schultz (Tara Schultz & Maddie McCue), AKC Handler Mike Stone, Luke Seidlitz, Luke Baggentos, and Team Marvel (Ethan Coye, Connor McFadden & Olivia Hodgkinson)!

Woofstock 2019 shown by Mike Stone; and next two photos Palm Springs 2020 shown by Luke Seidlitz.