Hartfield’s Tuscan Dante – “Tuscan”

Hartfield's Tuscan Dante

  • SR04387107
  • German Shorthaired Pointer Male Wh & Lvr Ptchd & Tkd
  • Date Whelped: 11/21/2002
  • Breeder: Steward & Joan Ehrhardt

Our first pointer to join our family in 2003.   We picked his name pre-olive orchard, but it did influence us on the varietals we chose when planting in 2008!

Tuscan set the standard for all future dog family members and pioneered the freedoms that all our boys enjoy today at the Partridge Family grove & Advance Adapters office.  He loved just hang out at home & work, contemplating various aspects of nature and his human companions.  After the December 2003 earthquake, Tuscan gained full access to the house & office and it wasn’t uncommon to find him lounging on a couch doing his part by being the first to greet any visitors.  He helped associates tidy up their offices, especially making unattended snacks fair game!  Friends & visitors alike identified him by a single brown patch his back.

On June 18, 2014, Tuscan passed away in his sleep while on vacation in Santa Cruz & Monterey, leaving us with no regrets after we gave him the best/last 2 days of his life.   Although he succumbed to canine congestive heart failure (possibly caused by having Valley Fever in his youth), you would have never guessed he was ill.   At almost 12 years of age, he left us doing what he loved best - playing, adventuring, squirrel (and cat) hunting & being a most loyal companion.