Good Steward Practices

We use the latest innovations for picking!

In 2019, we acquired the Bosco OlivSpeed Go Plus collection unit.  The OlivSpeed is essentially an upside umbrella for harvesting & collecting olives, revolutionizing harvest methods.  It eliminates the need to lay and take up nets, thus saving a lot of time and labor.  Most importantly, it reduces fruit damage and oxidation during harvest time which is crucial before getting your load to the mill!  We purchased the motorized model because of our terrain.  This has definitely proven to be a winning solution for us small home-grown farmers!   


We also strive mindful of the use of resources by tapping into solar energy for power. 

Barn Solar

Irrigation (for Severe drought years)

Sustainability and water conservation are on everyone's mind these days and California is no stranger to drought conditions.  So we decided to contact Dr. Chahbani of Chahtech Technologies, Djerba Island, Tunisa.   He has designed a new technique for underground irrigation (based on the old world concept of clay pots) that represents 50% less of what is delivered using standard drip irrigation. Watering is gravity fed, and if needed, can be applied to supply the volume needed where the roots go to drink.  This also mitigates any discharge run-off issues! These diffusers as being the most cutting-edge, efficient underground irrigation system on the farming market.  The initial costs & labor outweighed the long-term benefits to save water, energy, well pumps, and for weed control.

In April 2016, we received the diffusers and installation has begun. Irrigation pipe will be fully buried and diffusers are placed 60 cm (2 ft.) down to get the water and nutrients immediately where it needs to be, in the vicinity of the root ball - now that's smart water usage!  For more information, see our Links page for the website.  

 IMG 2683
IMG 2680   IMG 2702
Note the size of the trees which were pruned right before installation (above), then in early June (below) after being on the new deep watering system for 2 months!
IMG 3081

Pest Control & Nutrients

GF-120 Naturalyte for Olive Fly/Pest control and disc for weed abatement are implemented as a more natural method of maintaining the orchard.  If needed, tree fertilization materials used are organic in nature.