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If sustainability and water conservation is a priority issue for you orchard, vineyard or garden, then you may want to consider investing in these cutting-edge, efficient underground irrigation diffusers.  Developed by Dr. Chahbani of Chahtech Technologies, Djerba Island, Tunisa. He designed a new technique for underground irrigation (based on the old world concept of clay pots) that uses 50% less of what is delivered using standard drip irrigation. Watering is gravity fed, may only need to be applied only 4 times a year (or once monthly depending on your needs), supplying the volume needed where the roots go to drink.

The initial costs & labor outweighed the long-term benefits for saving water, energy, well pumps, dispensing fertilizers, weed control and for productivity.

Irrigation pipe can be fully buried or standard drip line can be utilized.  The diffusers are placed 60 cm (2 ft.) down to get the water and nutrients immediately where it needs to be, in the vicinity of the root ball - now that's smart water usage!

Product Description:  Diffuser base, base adapter, 2 ft. drip hose, hose cap, barb fitting, 4" microtube, 1 gallon emitter.   Price already includes 7.75% CA tax.

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