A Monster Compliment!

Back in April, we thought that we'd update the Veneer supplier on how well the labels turned out for our bottles and that we actually won a Silver design award at the LA International competition.  Needless to say, he was thrilled by responding,

"What a beautiful label!  We have several clients laser etch our veneers and I must say you've done a fantastic job.  Thank you so much for the picture and if you don't mind may we use your photo and testimonial on our site the next time we update the testimonials page?

PS I am big on olive oil and balsamic vinegars and have to confess to watching the Partridge Family show when it originally aired back in the day LOL!"

Sal Marino, Monster WoodShop 

We felt honor by his compliment and, because he loved olive oil, sent a couple of bottles for his opinion about the oil and this is what he emailed back shortly after:

"I must say you make a fantastic olive oil.  I usually make my salads with pure virgin olive oil and vinegar but when I tasted your product, I had to make my salad using your olive oil.  Thank you so much.  Wishing you and Mike much success with the business."

On June 16th, he sent word that we are up on there now on their testimonial page.  So cool! (Check out the link below if you get a chance because they are also a great source for beautiful wood veneers for other projects).

As we have noted before, the best critiques come from others - even beyond family & friends.  Thanks again Sal & Monster WoodShop (Brooklyn, NY)!  


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