Classic Balsamic Vinegar Cask 25 Yrs. – 375mL

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Cask-aged for 25 years and made from acetified grape must refined in high quality wood barrels. The result is a warm brown color and thick consistency that you can't get from artificially flavored, thickened or caramel imitations.  Taste, sense and smell the richness of this true classic balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy.  Pairs very nicely with our EVOO!

Gluten Free. No artificial flavorings, thickening agents, caramel nor additives added. May contain sulfites.

375mL (12.7 fl.oz) Bordeaux ($18)

Storage of Balsamic Vinegar:

Storage of balsamic vinegar is one of the easiest things to do. After opening for the first time, make sure to just close it tightly after each use. Since balsamic is used in small quantities, keep it in a cool and dark place (like in a pantry) because heat and sunlight can alter the flavor. And that’s about it!

Balsamic vinegar does not need to be refrigerated and amazingly it has at shelf life of 20+ years after opened!

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