COOC Certification Update & Competitions

We just got news today that our Tusci Blend has qualified for COOC Seal Certification!

Once again, thanks to Tom Baer (Solana Farms) for helping us pass.

The past month was very busy for us in getting things in order.   We submitted our 'dba' with the County of San Luis Obispo and ran it the required 4 times in the paper to make "The Partridge Family Olive Company" officially up and running to sell oil.

We've entered, prepared, and sent off bottles to the following 2016 competitions: 

  • COOC Competition
  • Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
  • Cal-State Fair
  • San Joaquin Valley Olive Oil Competition
  • Central Coast Olive Oil Competition
  • Paso Robles Olive Festival
  • Yolo County Fair
  • Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition

Besides our family and friends telling us they love our oil, hopefully these blind tastings critiques will give us (and Tom) some metal accolades!  Results to come in the next few months.


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