Diffuser Results

Now that the new irrigation diffusers have been in for 2 months you can see the trees are flourishing.  This is not at the expense of our well pump, water table, power and pressure pump.  Yes, there are viable solutions that can be a win-win for farming and conservation alike!  

IMG 3080
IMG 3081
IMG 3087

In the installation process, soil samples were taken to determine fertilizer requirements so proper amounts were put down in each hole prior to covering. The trees were given an initial good soaking, and just given the June watering so they shouldn't need another for a few months!

IMG 3082
IMG 3085

Winter pruning, an 'off' year, and the winds we had at flower time is going to make our olive season light, but all the new growth means an amazing crop for next year.

IMG 3088

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